Golf club Vestmannaeyjar / 7. – 8. Of July 2017

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Westman Islands as you may have guessed. It´s Iceland´s 3rd oldest Golf Club, founded 1938, only the Clubs in Akureyri and Reykjavík are older. It´s one of Iceland´s most loved golfcourses and you´ll sense the reason once you play golf on the course. It´s a unique experience which can hardly be compared to any other!

The tournament is 2x18 holes. Played on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of July 2017.
Played after Stabelford system and in two handicap. groups 0-14,4 and 14,5-28.
Maximum hc. in the tournament is for male 24 and for female 28.
Prices will be given for top three places in both groups and for the lowest score without handicap.

Prices will be given for strokes nearest to the hole on all par three lanes on the 2nd day.
Addition to that a special price is for HOLE IN ONE on lane 17.. If two or more players accomplish that the the special price will be divided between them.
At the start of the tournament groups will be on every tee (shotgun) and in some cases two groups will be on the same tee. Players will start in two groups both days. Friday at 10:00 and 17:00 and Saturday at 8:00 and 13:30.
We will try to honour request regarding tee-off groups on first day but on second day score on day one will determine tee-off groups.

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