In an Icelandic environment, hospitality is not only a noble gesture
- it is a necessity and an important part of safe travel.


The Golden Circle Classic is our bestselling day tour, audio guided in 10 languages! You will see the world famous erupting geyser & hot springs, experience the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall... Read more.

18,990 ISK

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Travelling with young horse lovers? Join our Family Adventure day-tour where everyone can enjoy a 30-minute riding tour near our stables in Hafnarfjörður (right outside of Reykjavík’s city center... Read more.

6,600 ISK

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Family Adventure

Please note that the riding time is 2 ½ - 3 hours, total of 5 hours with transfer.Experience the versatility of the Icelandic horse and go straight into exploring the Reykjanes preservation area from... Read more.

14,600 ISK

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Viking Express

Experience the Icelandic horse surrounded by amazing nature right outside Reykjavík’s city center. Our friendly horses and specially trained guides will take you on a ride on excellent riding paths... Read more.

11,400 ISK

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Lava Tour

Let an adorable Icelandic horse heat your body and soul! After one hour on horseback, riders can soften up in the big and warm hotpot in Hveragerði’s famous swimming pool, where there is also a ste... Read more.

11,800 ISK

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02D – Midwinter Warmth

This tour starts with a 1.5-2 hours riding tour in the spirit of the Vikings. Where we go depends on wind, weather and the participants’ riding experience. When we have dismounted our horses, a trad... Read more.

15,500 ISK

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02C – Specialty of the Season

Elves are important creatures in Iceland. They get to decide where roads can go and houses can be built. On this tour we see some places populated by these special creatures. We pass the small cleft A... Read more.

13,800 ISK

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02E – The Elfin Tour

This tour goes through meadows and lava fields. On our way we pass several farms, which give us an idea of how the agriculture has developed in the last decades. On the way we have a good opportunity ... Read more.

12,800 ISK

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02A – The Heritage Tour

Please note that the riding time is 4 ½ - 5 hours, total of 7 hours with transfer.Are you an experienced rider who wants to see the capabilities of the Icelandic horse? Then the exciting Viking Tour ... Read more.

19,500 ISK

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Viking Tour

Small groups - Big Adventures:1,5 hour horse riding tour around the beautiful hill Hólmsheiði, Stallion Valley and the red and magnificent volcanic landscape of Rauðhólar. We start with a riding l... Read more.

23,900 ISK

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Viking Horses Sleipnir Evening Tour

Small groups - Big Adventures: This 1,5 hour long horse riding tour takes our guests around Hólmsheiði hill and surrounding area. Overview of beautiful green nature, mountains, bizarre lava formatio... Read more.

18,900 ISK

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Viking Horses Morning Tour

Small groups - Big Adventures:1,5 hour long horse riding tour around Hólmsheiði hill and Rauðhólar, which are clusters of 5200 year old pseudo craters on the outskirts of Reykjavik. The tour start... Read more.

18,900 ISK

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Viking Horses Mjölnir Afternoon Tour

Our most popular tour! We ride in small groups and offer personal and friendly service! This tour is about 7-10 km, depending on the experience of the riders. It is suitable for beginners and for th... Read more.

12,000 ISK

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Ideal family tour