About us

Iceland is a rugged land. We at Around Iceland know that for sure. For centuries Icelanders walked or rode through rocky landscape, across glacial rivers, glaciers to meet family and friends. In such an environment hospitality was not only a noble gesture it was a necessity, an important part of safe traveling.

At AROUND ICELAND we offer our guests a safe and happy traveling experience. We love our island and we want to share our knowledge, experience and inspiration with our guests.

The DNA of AROUND ICELAND is hospitalityWe focus on safety and we care about our guests. We use our experience to create unique tours to make our guests’ travels in Iceland memorable.

Hospitality is in our DNA


Caterina came to us all the way from Italy. She loves Icelandic nature and music. She has a BA in Tourism Translation and she travelled around Iceland as a tourist before moving here. Her favorite place in Iceland is Snæfellsnes. In her “spare” time she teaches Italian to Icelanders. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and a little bit of French and she enjoys using her knowledge about languages and tourism at our office.

Helga Ólafsdóttir

Helga has been in the travel industry for over 20 years and loves to explore new places around the world. Most of those years she was in various positions at Icelandair, specializing in golf tours and customized tours for large groups. Helga is a nature lover and seeker of adventure in her life. Helga is familiar with many countries of the world and has lived in Sweden, Norway and United States.
Every year she travels Iceland even more than the year before, getting to know this beautiful Island and finding those special pearls Iceland has to offer. She enjoys golfing, biking and fishing while relaxing in the nature.

Motto in live “eat the dessert first“
AROUND ICELAND´s motto is the same as hers, "HOSPITALITY IS IN OUR DNA”..


Yaelli came to Iceland on the spur of the moment in the summer of 2013.
It was supposed to be just a spontaneous summer vacation, but since then she keeps extending and extending her stay here. She is addicted to the Icelandic nature, been to almost any place on this island and still feels like she has so much more to see.
Yaelli loves to: Sleep, sit in a hot spring with a cold beer in her hand, try any possible restaurant or bar in Reykjavik.
Travelling around Iceland is always on her agenda. You can read about it in her blog, in Hebrew and English.

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